Holiday story to singapore

This is the story of a tourist who is visiting indonesia to Singapore,
Who the hell is not familiar with this Lion country. Merlion statue which became his most popular icon throughout the universe. If not the same photo of the statue of Merlionnya,

Yup. Singapore. A small country that has a population that is not as much as this country of Indonesia is one of the developed countries and have the technological sophistication in every corner of the country and his city are clean, beautiful and clean with the trees and the grass are green.

one day I was travelling to this country and know what is happening. Yes, I'm having an incredible journey on arrival at Singapore Changi Airport. First, I am prohibited from recording the circumstances that exist at the Airport (according to our guide, who happened to be the Singapore says that we are prohibited from recording anything if in a public place. Singapore people did not like anyone to record their activities in public places (they respect privacy) Secondly, it gets worse I ordered off the shirt the same screening officer lho bag and gadgets we now at airports. Parahkan. When in this position I am veiled. They think I wear a jacket. Then, I use thick clothing made from dark blue jeans levis. Then I said "This is not jacket. This is clothes, Sir. " Finally I escape from the clerk introgasi. * Fiuhh!! Mario. Can rempong reply why-why at the airport:D

After that, I was amazed with the toilet is in the airport. Clean and really clean. Fragrance anyway and in the toilet it was there some sort of computerized digital tools regarding the State of the toilets. What is verry good, good, average, bad, verry bad ". And in my opinion, the airport toilet in verry good. GA ada bau-bauan at all. tPetugas are rich 24-hour ready tuh

After the exit from the airport, I enter the area of the city. Really our eyes are presented with the trees and the grass is green, order the city clean, a clean environment and multi-storey buildings with modern architecture. Home of the citizens of Singapore proved to be mostly apartment. Residents of this predominately Chinese Singapore lhooo and there are some people India. And I slightly incompatible with the country's food. The food taste different from "sambelnya ma. Sambal-deh menyambel Indonesia the best him."

Want to know why this country of Singapore can always clean, clean, beautiful, no-crap and no-jammed? Because of the system of Government in this country is full of rules that "Super Tight". in Singapore it if we make a mistake sedikt aja and ketangkep directly by the clerk or a camera, direct pay CASH fines in LOCATION of ... Everywhere the camera. On the road there's a camera. In the building there is a camera. At the airport there's a camera. Our activities in this country always this followed the camera. Except in the toilet and the bedroom that his camera there. Dispose of litter forfeiture. Remove salivary carelessly also forfeiture. Dispose of used chewing gum any forfeiture. Any forfeiture if we break the rules that the super tight in this country and a fine ny us as foreign tourist should know the rules of the country we visit and we should respect and not infringe existing rules in the country.

Yap. That's a memorable journey in the city of Singapore with SIDEV team 2 (goes to Singapore-Malaysia). Very fun and interesting as well as adding the science and culture of foreign countries. But we as citizens of Indonesia will always continue to love the motherland. DAMN it!! I LOVE INDONESIA.
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