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For Indonesia Singapore is a shopping paradise. Indeed the Government of Singapore seemed to be working hard overseas buyers attracted by holding various events such as the Great Singapore sale. Complete and update in addition to the purported collection of goods in Singapore is expensive. I say "allegedly" because I am blind with tetek bengek shopping.Singapore Shopping is not an anti, I still like shopping with a normal but with the era of free markets and shopping on line is what we still have to travel long distances to shopping. During his time in Singapore I went to 3 shopping shopping places, which he said must be visited:
tour shopping in Singapoe
  • 1. Orchard road:
Orchard road
There is a mall along orchard road, the famous brand outlet & variety, many of which said goods are cheaper here, and brand complete (cheapest brand goods, certain services expensive in kantongku). As one who rely more on functions than on brand, I can't prove this myth or fact. One of my favorites in the Orchard shopping but not precisely walking along this street, (I think all the way at the same Singapore playing with here)
Orchard road into the heart of the city (country) it should look super bad, it didn't. The traffic here is solid, but it's very regular. I don't see people drive kesetanan here, the traffic is very-very friendly, far from the word brutal as in Idnonesia. Not only is super orderly traffic, but also its people. Along this road people-people smoke only in certain spots (usually around the trash cans). Clean, green, Pedestriannya (considering the condition of pedestrian in Indonesia) make people walking there like walking on the red carpet.
Another unique venue in Orchard road is where it still holds a "corner of their parents". A village with ancient building model (but not shabby) still stands in the middle of a row of tall buildings with modern comfort
"The old Village" in the middle of Orchard road
  • 2. Little India,
As the name implies, this place seems to be, a miniature India (kayak ever to India alone hehehehe). So set foot there, we've been treated to the aroma of the spices smell flowers that become & typical of India. On the left of right of way will we encounter a row of sellers of flowers, spices, food, CDs, DVDs movies India India strains, with music blaring from their respective stores, similar to what I saw in the movie India.Eh despite the solid but this place looks minus the clutter.
Little India
Little india is the India community. India's majority hindu community, though not a few were muslim. In Little India, we see the Sri mariamman hindu Temple stand side by side with the mosque Jammi chulia.
Shopping? One of its icon is the Mustafa center, here dijualberbagai accessories, jewelry, clothes and food, his condition resembled miniature tanah abang, but with the concept of self-service. This place is suitable for buy food we could get cheaper branded chocolate prices by up to 40% of outlets in the mall-mall. Don't be afraid of running out of Singapore dollars, at the entrance of Mustafa center there is an ATM, to the money changer.
Outside the Mustafa center I find shops that claim to be the cheapest store seSingapura, but it feels to buy accessories, t-shirts, and more. Cheaper in China town.
  • 3. China town
Captain Haddock & Tintin
As the name suggests, the atmosphere of this place as it is in China, with a row of food vendors, accessories, t-shirts, etc., decorated with lanterns. Than Mustafa center especially orchard road, we can get a large variety of gift by far cheaper prices, but do not nanya quality, its name is also the stuff of KW from China, and the gift shop is an important khan quantity, not quality (hehehehehe). There you can get t-shirts for $ 10 dollars (/3 seeds), watches for 4 bucks!, and pin/key chain for $ 2 bucks (/6 seeds). ($ 1 + Rp. 7300,-).
Hear the word "Chinatown", we expect to see an ancient pagoda, it turns out we even find Hindu temples such as in Little India. Here I met the girl of India sari berkain veiled the prettiest I have ever seen and quite sorry do not have keberani to say hello. hiks. In China town, there is a mandatory stores visited, (* forgot her name) here for sale all comics, movies and various trinkets Tintin (is there a similar store in Idonesia?)
Anybody want to gift shop from this store?
In addition to the third place, cheap shopping and said there is also a lively nightlife in Kampung Bugis, unfortunately distance and age could not be asked to compromise. In addition to the 3 place, my favorite place for shopping at Ikea there instead. IKEA is a store, kalo in indonesia such as Ace hardware, selling trinkets and home furnishings with a very unique design and reasonable price (because the product is designed in Europe & made in China, Viet Nam, Indonesia &). At the entrance we were treated to a variety of home interior design small, inspired us to start shopping. Purportedly Ikea opens in Indonesia 2014 oultenya them later.
As in Indonesia, there is the tax (VAT) of 10% every item that we sell. This tax is imposed to the Singapore people, not foreigners. So if you are shopping, take note of your stroke, and you can claim your tax money and getting it back. How do you do? There are many such in explaining brochure arrival hall of Changi. Some shopping provides money-back claims, such as at the Mustafa center, and in the place of departure of the Changi Airport. But I don't see it in China town, even while shopping in China town, I tidakmendapat my klaimkan to be a stroke.
And the latter, although can be "bargains" in Singapore, you don't speedy content first because-to the airports in Indonesia, customs officers are ready to check out your stuff, and wear an extra tax!

In summary:
  • 1.brandedgoodsShopping,toOrchard
  • 2.cheaperShoppingor shoppingfoodgiftto theMustafacenter,
  • 3.ShoppinggoodsKW2or shoppinggift shopAccessories:shirt&toChina town
  • 4.nicetrinketsand cheapShoppingto Ikea.
Happy shopping
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