The small country of Singapore, the wealthiest and Strongest in Asean

The small country of Singapore is indeed unique. They are a small country surroundings of ASEAN, but the strength of his force was the most powerful in including ASEAN. Singapore Air Force equipped with no less than 4 of advanced fighter aircraft, Skadron which among other things is the most up-to-date version of the
City small country of Singapore
Small country of Singapore
aircraft The F-16 Fighting Falcon.
Surroundings of commercial aviation, who do not know the "Singapore Airlines". Elite world class airline, which is currently the most airlines ' the best ' in the world. Singapore Airlines is an airline commercial "five stars". When it is called the five-star, because it turns out its chairman, is a former General and vice chairman of the three-star is a two-star. Both are listed as former Chief of staff of the air force Singapore.
Recorded in world aviation history when Singapore Airlines as the first commercial airline in the world's most widely used transport aircraft Airbus type of modern super A-380.
Other uniqueness of Singapore is, the CEO of a large part of their strategic industries as well as an important institution and vitalnya, apparently held by the soldiers ' former '. They are former officers of the Singapore military dijajaran that has levels of above average intelligence, will always be retired early by the State to be schooled again to America and European countries in order to get the provision of financial and management science. Upon completion of their education will instantly get important positions in strategic industries Singapore.
That is one of the success achieved in Singapore business competition in the global economy. They're very confident with the method of recruiting ex-former soldiers who have above average intelligence and a high level of discipline to be placed in strategic positions all his country's economy. A large part of them are young officers who have high spirits and very responsible job and his job.
The conviction against the young man who had the vision of nationhood, has made the Government of Singapore there is no doubt at all in order to deliver programs "conscription" to all young male citizens. For those who have completed 17 years old is no exception are required to attend a mandatory military service program for 2 years. In the program, young kids in Singapore are grouped in the group of 7 to 10 people per group. These young kids are purposely blended of rich and poor families so that they could mingle with one another.
This is their "brain washed" to be transformed into citizens of Singapore are responsible. In charge of the country, are responsible for a greater interest than the kepetingan group or individual. They are formed into a personal "selfless", which will always be personal "country, before self". That is for my country first, just for yourself.
The underlying platform is, instill discipline to young children Singapore, parallel with the formation of a loyal comrade steadily. Developing seeds of awareness of oneself will need discipline that grew out of their private selves.
After completion of the following programs of compulsory military service for two years, young kids Singapore remain burdened to carry out a physical examination once a year. This test should be smooth, in the sense specified eligible countries. If it does not pass, then the test should be repeated again and performed at the ' end ' of the week. This is what causes the entire citizens of Singapore are generally male able-bodied. The result is more than that, it's hard once we find Singapore men until the age of 35 to 40 years old who has a "Tubby or protruding" as in Aceh.
That's the unique thing is our neighboring country Singapore. A small country the size of Sabang, but it has a very strong force in ASEAN and the very rich even without the results of the Earth. On the other hand has a superior leadership ranks, former soldiers who have already tested the loyalty and dedication to the nation and the people. Its citizens, conscription programs produce the able-bodied citizens can save on health care costs, have a high sense of discipline as well as solidarity, loyalty and dedication which kept incumbents.
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