Singapore's independence clashed with Malaysia race results

Today, 47 years ago Singapore separated from Malaysia and became a sovereign country. Who would have thought, the independence of the country of the city that would become one of the Asian Tigers was the result of a clash between the races, especially among ethnic Chinese with Malays, as narrated by the BBC on July 15, 2009.
Singapore's independence

In the past, Singapore is a region tributary Kingdom of Srivijaya. 7-12 century a.d., more people knew him as Temasek. The area was crowded because of the strategic territory. After the power of Srivijaya was fading, the Sultanate of Johor soon mencaploknya and ruled long enough, since the 16th century until the 19th.

The city managed to position itself as a neutral trade areas, although Europeans such as the Portuguese and Spain began to flock to South East Asia to trade spices. The fate of Singapore began to change when the United Kingdom Governor-General Thomas Stamford Raffles make a treaty with Sultan Hussein Shah, the ruler of the small island. The country Queen Elizabeth this build and the forerunner of the modern city of Singapore.

In the second world war, Japan beat the United Kingdom and Singapore. At the time, seeds showdown between races begin to appear. Of the total immigrant population, China reached the half more and often fighting over land the job with Malays who feel native.

At the end of the war Japan lost. United Kingdom back to the region and giving special autonomy status of Singapore such as Malaysia. At the general election of 1959, Lee Kuan Yew, the influential politician of the country the city is elected as Prime Minister. Commonwealth United Kingdom turns out to be not immediately bring goodness. Racial conflict, economy, and ideology, especially since many Communist activists from China attempting to seize Singapore, making this tiny country was often hit by riots over the period of the 1950s.

See gelagat United Kingdom start abai take care of Singapore, the leader of the country chose the lion docked with its neighbours. On August 31, 1963, Singapore joined the Federation of Malaysia official, along with Sabah and Serawak.

Fortunately can not be denied, the leader of Malaysia apparently apply the policy granting special rights for the Bumiputra, namely ethnic Malays. Ethnic prejudice also raised with the Government in Kuala Lumpur are often mendiskriminasi the citizens of ethnic Chinese.

As a result, Singapore again caught up in the riots for the sake of the riots, the worst occurred in 1964. Small countries feel it could only be the cause of the USA team, the Parliament of Malaysia in 1965 made the decision surprising. By a vote of 126-0 appeals, all members of the House of representatives agreed to issue the Singapore Federation of Malaysia.

Singapore eventually became the only independent country in the world not because of her own desire. Lee Kuan Yew, though optimistic, seeks to face the problem mahaberat when handling the country after independence. High unemployment, slums are almost all over the island, and of course, there is no natural resources to fill the State Treasury.

With an iron fist, he "destroy Singapore became one of the city's respected. Corruption eliminated, development is encouraged, and cleanliness is very guarded. Lee Kuan Yew want to foreign investors and traders welcome transit in the country.

Now, the State is only a quarter of Jakarta that became one of the country's most prosperous and advanced in the world. 2011 data shows Singapore has a population of 4.8 million. National income per capita was US $ 41.430 or equivalent to Rp 373 million. While the country's unemployment rate of just two percent.
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